MDC PGTA:  A Link between Parents and Teachers

In her effort to create a bridge between the stakeholders of education particularly the parents or guardians and the teachers, Mater Dei College created the MDC Parents Teachers Guardians Assocition (PGTA). This organization is composed of all teachers of the school, the parents of students who are currently enrolled every semester, and the students’ guardians in the absence of their parents. What makes this organization a special feature of the school is that while organizations like this are common in the basic education years, it is not so popular in tertiary level. MDC, however, believes that a strong link between the parents and teachers through the PGTA will foster a harmonious relationship. In an educational institution like MDC, a strong partnership of parents and teachers will ensure that the clientile- the students- will be given quality education since areas concerning their studies and even other important aspects are easily addressed.

The MDC PGTA is manned by officers who are elected by the parents during the general assembly. There are usually two general assemblies in every semester. The first one is held on July where the MDC administrators, faculty, and staff are introduced to the parents. School policies particularly about financial matters, grading system, student affairs and activities, and other relevant matters are also discussed. An open forum is conducted at the end of each session to give parents a chance to raise their questions or air their concerns. The second meeting is usually held towards the end of the semester where semi-final grades of students are also distributed to the parents. Special meetings are also called for whenever the PGTA officers along with their adviser deem it necessary.

Before a general assembly is held, the PGTA officers conduct a meeting where agenda of the general assembly are outlined and important issues are discussed. These meetings are held in the PGTA  office which is located near the entrance of the MDC Activity Center and adjacent to the office of Supreme Student Government (SSG). The officers are on a three-year term of service, and a special election of officers can be called for when the need arises.

To date, the PGTA has proven to be a great partner of the school towards the development of the      students. It has contributed in the various school projects such as the filling of limestone in the vacant lot beside the nursing building, the renovation of the chapel ceiling,  acquisition of electric fans and LCD projector for the Activity Center. The PGTA gets its fund from the fines imposed to those who fails to attend meetings and through fund-raising activities like Fun Walk and Search for MDC PGTA Family. More than just earning funds to contribute in the school projects, the PGTA’s utmost concern is to be a close ally with the teachers in the total human formation of the students.