Advisory Class: Creating Stronger Connection Between Teachers and Student

Another special feature of Mater Dei College is the presence of advisory classes. With the goal of closely- monitoring the students, each teacher acts as adviser of a certain group of students. Each advisory class is a homogeneous group of students belonging to the same course and year level. To make sure that each student is given ample time for sharing in group discussions or for counselling should a he encounter a problem, each advisory class is composed of a maximum only of 40 students.

The class advisers are also part of the same college or department where the student members belong. This facilitates quick scheduling of activities and easy tracing of students. Resolution of problems particularly but not limtied to the academic field is the main concern of holding advisory classes. Advisory meetings are often held twice a month, once every first Monday of the month when they have Virtues Enhancement Program for Students  (VEPS) or Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC), and the second meeting is held every third Friday of the month when they have  College  Sessions Series.   During VEPS or BEC session, the advisory classes discuss about the different exemplary virtues, how to practice these virtues in real-life situations, and what are the advantages of possesssing these virtues. Moreover, during the college sessions, topics appropriate for their levels are talked about. Freshman students have getting to know themselves activities like the Johari’s windows. Sophomore and junior students focuses on how to deal identity validation and time management. The seniors delve on work ethics and professionalism.

Aside from their regular sessions, the adviser and the advisory class get together during big activities in the school where they share their luncheon and snacks.  These occasion create a strong bond between the adviser and the students. Hence, students find approaching their advisers to talk about problems and other related concerns easier. Parents of the students also consult their child’s adviser in case there are important issues to be resolved.