In celebration of World Teachers’ Day, the students of MDC spearheaded by the SSG, initiated a program to pay tribute to their teachers on October 4, 2013. The celebration was opened by a Holy Mass. Then, the teachers entertained the students with dance and song numbers. The male teachers wowed the students with their modernized version of Maglalatik which was kicked off with a sci-fi introduction featuring a scene from the famous Japanese cartoon, “Naruto”. Next came the female teachers who astounded the crowd in their fast-paced dance movements to the tune of Hawaii 5-0. After the presentations, the teachers were asked to be on the stage as the SSG officers distributed their tokens of love in a form of a frame with invidiual teacher’s picture and a heart-warming message. The program was then cut short since the teachers had their escapade at the Barukuda beach in Talibon.


A sumptuous lunch was served upon the teachers’ arrival at the bamboo cottages. The place was filled with voices, some of laughters, chats, and vioke sing-along. All had a fun and enjoyable time as they spent the day carefree- no lectures to give, no discussion to attend to, and no papers to check. It was also a time that they could spend with their peers and just do whatever they feel.