With the aim of making students become aware of the dangers of drug addiction and to arm them with safe defense techniques, MDC aptly held a forum on Safety, Security, and Drug Education on August 12, 2013 at the MDC Activity Center. The program stared at 1 p.m.

After the program preliminaries, Mrs. Josephine D. Aplacador gave the rationale and the welcome address.  The resource person, Senior Police Inspector Roland Aliser, Chief of Police of Calape, Bohol was introduced by Mrs. Jasmin M. Sumipo.

S/PI Aliser started his talk with discussion of a crime and its elements. He stressed that the issue on safety and security is everyone’s concern and not only the policemen’s since the ratio of police to ordinary citizens is 1 for every 1000 in rural areas and 1 for every 500 in urban areas. Having said that, he proceeded to talk about the ways on how to secure a person’s life and his properties.  Next, he shared on the dangers of using prohibited drugs and its negative effects not only to an individual’s health but also to the society.

An open forum  wherein students grabbed the chance to ask questions on the topics presented closed the activity.