Imbued by the call for change, Mater Dei College, in cooperation with the SSG, PGTA and SCA launched the first ever LeadCom- Bohol summer camp last May 28-29, 2013 bearing the theme: “Vision with Action can Change the World.”

Though it was done during summer vacation, still a total of sixty-seven student leaders primarily composed of the newly elected SSG officers as well as the organizational representatives joined in making a history. The two-day camp was facilitated by four MDC faculty members and sixteen servant leaders of the school. Two invited HNU faculty also came to grace the event.
leadcom bohol 2
During the camp, all participants were given the opportunity to know one another not only by names but in a deeper sense as well. They had the chance to go beyond the physical looks and to find out or even share their common goals and aspirations in life. Also, they were able to know themselves better and realize how these inner quests would affect their leadership. Throughout the camp, they gradually developed from mere student leaders into servant leaders whose decisions and actions are geared towards the good of others.

The camp was concluded successfully. All participants went home with a clear vision of the future they want for themselves as servant leaders. The challenge for them now is to apply and practice their realizations and learning from the camp for the common good. And the question is, “Andam na ba sila?”