Wearing the iconic red, yellow, green colors of the Reggae genre, the 1540 high school students of Mater Dei College opened the school year with a bang as they went “Rastanista” in their acquaintance party held last June 28, 2019.

The event started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist officiated by Tubigon’s parish priest, Rev. Fr. Gilbert Ilogon.

After the Holy Mass, the program kicked off with the singing of hymns and the grand opening salvo showcased by the MDC Royale together with the MDC dance sports team , dance company and the uprising The Crooners.

Mary Snow Demeterio, the incumbent president of the Senior High School Supreme Student Government (SHS SSG), delivered a message of welcome to the anticipating juniors and seniors who were neophytes to the school.

Prodded by the energetic vibes of hosts Ralph Rodrigo Celosia and Claire Angelie Piezas, the 34 sections of the high school department roared their yells and cheers to introduce their sections. The newcomers were also given the chance to show their talents as they performed song and dance numbers by strand.

Highlighting this year’s event was the Foam Party sponsored by the Junior and Senior High SSG. While the students enjoyed dancing under the shower created by the foam machine, a live band composed of musicians Japhite Añana, Adrian Gerard Noquiao, Joellan De Vera, Joshua Sumalinog and lead vocal Ma. Cleofe Kasilak Pilongo, played those popular songs representative of the reggae genre.

As the last note of the band’s final song was sung, the students got to solely enjoy the disco like the descendants of Bob Marley, dancing to the songs of peace, unity and love.