June 10, 2019, marked the first day of classes of Mater Dei College from Kindergarten to College levels. The very first flag raising ceremony was amazing to behold as it was the first time for all MDC students from all levels to converge in the new MDC open ground.

To welcome and prepare for the new academic year, MDC, as a Catholic institution, held a Holy Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Tomas Balatayo Jr, the school chaplain and co-celebrated by Rev. Fr. Florante S. Camacho, SVD, the school President. The Activity Center of the school, the venue of the opening mass for the Holy Spirit, was barely adequate to accommodate all the students. Chairs have to be transferred from classrooms to the venue. This problem of abundance was a result of the great increase of student population, per registrar’s record, as there was an influx of enrollees in the college level due to the Unifast Tuition Grant for all students who reside in the town of Tubigon and also because of the ESC and Voucher Program for the enrollees in the High School Department. Indeed, MDC has formidably become a bigger community of teachers and learners to pursue their academic goals.

Right after the holy mass, classes in the senior high school and college departments resumed while an orientation for the junior high school was conducted.