Six hundred thirty Solar Panels were successfully installed in Mater Dei College (MDC). The solar panels were distributed to the four major buildings of the school: Senior High, Elementary, Nursing and Administration buildings. According to Atty. Julito Sarmiento, the Chief Executive Officer of WeGen Company, the Solar Panel System in MDC is the largest solar energy system in the whole region VII. This currently installed system would produce a power of 179.45 kilowattpeak (kWp).

Last May 29, 2019, a successful Turnover Ceremony of the Solar Energy System was held at Mater Dei College Multimedia Center. Almost all of the seats in the venue were occupied by the audience who were the faculty and staff of the school. The ceremony was specifically attended by Rev. Fr. Florante S. Camacho, SVD, the President of Mater Dei College, Atty. Julito ‘Sarge’ Sarmiento, Wegen Company’s CEO, Charlie S. Ayco, WeGen Growth Officer, Mr. Rogelio C. Rosco, Mayor William Jao’s Representative, and Tatay Billy Tongco, Gov. Edgar M. Chatto’s Representative.

These dignitaries shared insightful and inspiring messages pertaining to the new success of the school, the installation of the solar energy system. This system would hopefully raise an environmental awareness among the teachers, students, staff, and the people in the community as MDC gave an optimum attempt to promote an environment-friendly facility, a stepping stone to uphold one of her goals – to produce environment-friendly graduates.

The highlight of the affair was given by Atty. Sarmiento whose talk emphasized on the vision of installing the solar panel system. He said that the system would save the environment from the 3785 tons of carbon dioxide that the Coal Power Plant might produce to yield the power that this solar energy system could give. Aside from protecting the earth from pollution brought by the greenhouse gases emitted by the buildings which power emanated from Coal Power Plant, this solar energy system would also save energy. Sarmiento also noted that the WeGen company aimed to save the future generation from the possible deterioration of the earth as climate change worsened.

He remarked that the WeGen which meant ‘we generate’ would not stop rendering its service after the turnover ceremony since their company envisioned to offer its solar, storage and software platforms that would make true energy independence a reality. The solar platform comprised the tailor-made solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that would convert solar energy into electricity for homes, buildings, and other structures. Storage platform, on one hand, would function as energy back-up, allowing the institution to function normally. On the other hand, the software platform signified the unique capacity of the WeGen to develop an innovative IT platform allowing energy to be distributed to markets intelligently, transforming consumers into prosumers. (Wegen Solar System Owner’s Handbook)

Mater Dei College looks forward to the continuing partnership with the WeGen Company to realize the company and the school’s vision of saving the earth and the future generation.