A dawn procession after the Mañanita to Mama Mary last Saturday opened the observance of the primary annual holiday at MDC. It is an event of joy and thanksgiving for the abiding inspiration of Mary, Mother of God, under whose patronage the college was founded and named after, under the title “Mother or God” (Mater Dei in Latin), celebrated on January 1.

Since the students and employees are home for the holidays, MDC has celebrated this holiday on Mary’s Nativity instead. This year is the second year of the September 8 observance. Our neighbors lighted candles along the route of the procession, affirming the community’s oneness with MDC. The Mass that followed was participated in by the Parents Guardians and Teachers Association, the workers, and architects of the newly completed four-story building that was blessed right after the Mass. With the Mass was the expression of thanks to the architects and workers responsible for having completed the brand-new four-story building. Then everyone partook of the breakfast prepared at the Activity Center for all those present.