On the 4th of February, happened the most significant event for CCICT students this year: the “CCICT Day”. Just weeks before the coveted Sadya Festival, CCICT students indulge in an odd mixture of learning and glamour. The fact that the College of Computer, Information, and Communications Technology of Mater Dei College comprises only of 86 students did not stop from making the event memorable and fulfilling.

In the morning, students engaged in learning as they embarked themselves in a symposium entitled “Different Ways of Earning Online”. During this session, students are taught of the many opportunities to earn through the internet whether professional or simple tasks, there’s always a room for everyone.

The whole afternoon was solely dedicated to the preparation for the grandiose affair for the night. Student-officers were busy making sashes, decoration materials and the like. Before the sun even sets, the preparation was complete.

Finally, night fell and one-by-one CCICT students came in with their dashing and glamorous attires. Male students sports their flashy bachelor looks with the sharp and sophisticated aura of a witty professional. The ladies draw oohs and aahs with their astonishing and glamorous night gowns and cocktail dresses.

During the night, awards were given to exceptional students who draw most of the crowd’s attention. The awards were: Best in attire won by Ms. Geneveve Torneado and Mr. Ralp Dexter Bongato, Face of the night won by Ms. Gina Lansaderas and Mr. Joneil Josol, King of the night won by Mr. Ben Donald Walohan and Queen of the night won by Greneth Ann Cosadio. But what shakes the crowd the most was the shockingly beautiful looks of Ms. Ma. Claudette Walohan with her elegant white gown. She won the Head Turner award.

The rest of the evening was spent with the beautiful music of the acoustic band by the students and teachers with the special participation of Mr. Julio Lopez–an alumnus of MDC CCICT who now works as programmer at BOHECO 1.