A holy mass, a festive parade, a teaser presentation of the field demonstration, the coronation for MDC-LES Pearl Prince and Princess, and a musical play entitled “Sound of Music”, made everyone who joined the celebration busy on the second day. The theme of the Pearl Anniversary, “Family: The Cradle of Catholic Faith,” was   well-expounded through a symposium on catholic faith and family held on the third day. A field demonstration on a Festival of Dances presented by the Physical Education students wowed the crowd, while the literary, musical, and dance contests tapped the talents of the MDcians.

On the fourth day, an Alumni Homecoming was held at the Mater Dei College Activity Center through a Fun Run, a Sports Fest,  and a Luncheon Get-‘Together. The support of parents and guardians to the school was also shown as the MDC Parents Guardians Teachers Association presented the Search for the MDC PGTA Family 2013.  A re-run of the musical play, “Sound of Music”,  served as a concluding activity of the celebration. A photo exhibit of the significant events of the past 30 years summed up MDC’s history at a glance. With all the successes that the school has attained through her 30 years of existence, one can truly say, “Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart.”