“Teachers: The Molders of Dreams” was the theme for the recently held Teacher’s Day celebration organized by the MDC students for their teachers on October 4-5, 2016.

The celebration was divided into two parts. In the first part which happened in the afternoon of October 4, the students prepared a program to honor their teachers for the said celebration. The Performing Arts Ensemble opened the activity with a dance. College SSG president, Demie Marie Pangan gave her words of welcome to the entire audience. With their energetic moves, the female teachers swayed to the zumba music, Baylando. The students also stood in admiration as their male teachers rendered a song and dance number for everyone’s entertainment. In between presentations, representatives of each department gave their messages of gratitude to their admired teachers. With the giving of tokens of appreciation to each instructor, the first part of the two-day event ended.


The second day led to a time of relaxation and excitement as the teachers made their way to a great escapade in the silent, comfortable and invigorating atmosphere offered by Bluewater Resort in Panglao. Sightseeing and picture-taking with the beautiful landscapes of the resort were the first things that the teachers did. At around eleven thirty in the morning, the teachers got to dig in their lunch served in buffet style. With the sumptuous meal to satisfy their hunger, the teachers started to afford of the services offered by the resort.

For starters, the MDC faculty were divided into four groups, pre-elem and elem, junior and senior high, college and non-teaching staff, who competed against each other in the games. While the oldies enjoyed dancing zumba in the hall, the young teachers also engaged themselves in an obstacle race. After the games, some female teachers went their way kayaking and using the stand-up paddle. Others took their swim in the pool. Some boys also went biking and playing badminton, volleyball and billiards while others joined the girls in the swimming. Indeed, the mentors had a lot of fun.When the day was almost done, the teachers got ready to go home. Upon reaching the city proper, they had a stopover at Galleria Luisa where they ate their dinner. After a tiring day, the teachers settled homewards bringing with them memorable experiences of this year’s teacher’s day.

For more pictures click here. The link contains all the pictures taken by Marin Lerion posted in his Facebook account.