WE LIVE in a world that seems to be forever stressful, so we must become more conscious about how we think, feel and respond to stress.
When you are stressed, everyone around you also becomes stressed. So, instead of living that kind of life, you can choose to take steps to reduce your stress.

First, be physically fit. Studies show that a healthy body leads to a healthy and positive outlook in life.
Second, stay positive. Be optimistic. When stressed, you will be tempted to focus on the negative. Don’t. Instead, just view stress as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Third, if thinking positively is not enough, then why not try to keep a journal? Write about your feelings. Do not bury them. This can help release the inner tension and negative emotions that lie within you.

Fourth, Then express your feelings appropriately, in ways that do not harm others.

Fifth, do not fight stress all by yourself. Family and friends can give you the support and the strength you need to go on.
Finally, always keep in mind that God is with us. Knowing that God is love, we can be assured that in the present moment, one reality exists—love. In the stress-free environment of God’s love, there is only peace and the ability to maximize all healing.