We feature a member of the MDC family who shares his God-given talent in not only teaching but also interior design and landscaping.  This month, we feature Jesus Gallego.

MR. GALLEGO, known as Sir Jess, is a workaholic. He is also a simple and loyal teacher at Mater Dei College.

He is 63 years old. He joined MDC 23 years ago. He has been teaching at MDC for 15 years.

Sir Jess is an expert in events decoration. He was tasked to decorate Fr. Camacho’s birthday last year. Sir Jess is admirable because he can motivate students to do beyond what they think they can do.

Before we ended our conversation, he told me these inspiring words, “Believe in yourself, visualize your dreams and don’t ever lose that vision. Age is just a number not a hindrance.”

Sir Jess is proof proves that the older you become, the better you get in many aspects of your life.